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The Ogbourne Parent School Association consists of parents, teachers and members of the community. Our aim is to raise money and organise social events involving pupils, parents and staff. We organise many fun events for both children and adults. In 2015-16 we held: a film night, a visit from Father Christmas, a trip to the theatre, an Easter Egg Hunt and a science day.

Our meetings are held once a month and you will receive an agenda detailing what events we will be planning in that meeting before the meeting.

All decisions will be made within the meetings so if you have an idea then please come along we always want to hear new ideas. If you can’t make a meeting, please send your contribution to the chair who will include it in the next meeting.

We welcome parents who are new to the school. If you have a couple of hours free a month and want to help us provide enrichment experiences for your child and also raise money for the school, then please come along to our meetings.


An introduction to our current core committee members:

Liz Gardiner (Chair)

Chris Fuller

Dan Watson

Kate Kelland

Nina Sharland

Karen Brown

Anna Burch

Georgie Bevan

Catherine Henderson

Anne Nomrington (Executive Principal)











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