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EYFS - Acorn Class Contingency Work

Acorns Class work is set daily and available via Teams. This work is a blend of Live Sessions and pre-recorded videos. For more details please check your child's Teams account.

If your child has not yet had a chance to do use Teams, please encourage them. If you are having trouble with accessing Teams or have forgotten the password, please just email Admin for us to resolve. The teachers are using Teams to set and monitor work; it will also be through Teams that children can access some live sessions/class meetings, and are signposted to pre-recorded lessons. Children can post their completed work on Teams if you would like, on the general post or on the assignments themselves there is a return link there which is private. For additional privacy it can also be emailed to Admin who will forward it on to the teacher. 

Live sessions will be recorded and made available afterwards via Teams, as will all of our interactions (to support Safeguarding) since we know that not all children will be able to access at these times. No part of any live lessons should be captured or shared by pupils through recording or screenshots. May I also emphasise that it is important that only the class pupil should participate in any live sessions. It is not appropriate for a parent/carer, sibling or other person to interrupt or seek to participate in lessons.

Daily Tasks:

  • Parents to read with their children. Read TO them and hear the children read out loud. Check for known phonemes (I can supply a list) and known tricky words
  • (a list can be supplied). 
  • Count with their children to 20. Work on recognising the numbers, putting them in order. 
  • Do simple addition sums using things around the house like grapes/cookies/toilet rolls. 
  • Use hands for simple sums for number bonds to 5 and 10.
  • Get the children to write a sentence every day, using the phoneme chart which was sent home a while ago.
  • Talk about finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end. This could be in the form of a diary.
  • Online Phonics Lessons: Letters & Sounds
    The DfE  are pleased to announce online phonics lessons for Reception and Year One are available from Monday 27 April.  Written and presented by phonics experts and funded by the Department for Education, the online lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that that children would have received over the summer term had they been in school. This resource is for use by teachers and parents who will find planning and teaching phonics challenging when schools are closed due to Covid-19.


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