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The Students' Day... In Their Words

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Before School - Breakfast Club

Poppy, Yr1, and Kathleen, Yr.4, say: we both come to club to Breakfast club everyday. Each morning when we ring the doorbell Nina (Mrs Sharland) meets us  - she’s always happy - and we order our Breakfast. Nina makes our breakfast in the kitchen and we go outside and play, or watch a children’s DVD – we enjoyed watching Wallace & Grommit. We normally have Weetabix (Poppy: but no chocolate because I don’t like chocolate) and a Crumpet. We have a mixture of juice to drink. We like the food and we enjoy having time to play. I like being able to choose what I eat, and if I’m hungry I can have more to eat. Nina is really kind to us and looks after us.

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The School Morning

Alex, Yr.1 says: I’m in Oaks class and in the mornings sometimes we do handwriting. We learn how to do it and we practice. Today we got to do the “d”s. We also learned about Poppies: in the war there was a man who wanted to take over the world, so lots of people war-ed to save us. The poppies growed up when the war was done. We do Maths and Phonics. In Maths today we had sheep, not real sheep but cut out sheep, and we had to take some sheep away to equal a number. My teacher is a really good teacher - she is very kind. But we're not allowed to call out or interrupt. It's respect.

The Lunchtime

Charlie, Yr.5 writes: at Lunchtime I enjoy the break from lessons. I try to play football everyday – its my favourite sport – until its time for me to go in and have my packed lunch. Some people have hot dinners so go in a bit earlier to eat. I also like to play on the new equipment, I love the new rolling-thing: it’s challenging and I have to put lots of effort in. Everyone gets along and is really nice to each other. We all play together from different classes because we can remember how it felt when we were younger. Mrs Harvey and Mrs Dixon are around during lunch to help anyone who needs it; everyday we also have the Sports monitors, Olly and Adam, to play games and football with us. They play around with us – they’re really cool.  

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Afternoon Lessons

Harry, Yr.3 says: in the afternoons we normally do stuff we’re doing for Topic – this term our Topic is The Romans. We do work in groups, it’s exciting working in groups to see how well they're doing and learn from each other. Last week we wrote to our penpals in a school in London; my penpal is called Sanaa. We write to each other about which books we like and what food we like. I might like to meet her one day because she lives in London which is quite fascinating to me. In the afternoons we sometimes have PE; this week we were doing Gymnastics and learned 4 moves – a Pike, a Stretch, a Star… that’s all I can remember. It was quite fun. We also do Worship everyday of the week, sometimes in the Hall, and once a week in our class. We sing songs, pray to God and talk to each other about Christian values.

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After School - Fun Club

Mara, Yr.5 writes: I stay for 2 hours everyday for Fun Club. When we are dismissed from lessons, we meet in the Library for register and a biscuit – my favourite is Jammy Dodger – and then we go outside. Mostly the boys play football and I do sometimes join in. I play with my friends, we go on the adventure playground or play games like “Fisherman, Fisherman” or “Capture the Flag”.
I get to spend more time playing with my friends – so it's good for building friendships. Adam (Mr Taylor) and Olly (Mr Dew) run Fun Club, they’re very kind and help everyone to join in. If someone needs them they look after them; they’re not like teachers, they’re more like our friends – like big brothers.

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