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The Excalibur Multi-Academy Trust
In 2015 we joined the Excalibur Multi-Academy Trust. This means that we are now working in a formal partnership with some of the other local schools in the area. This includes working with our local secondary school, St John's, Marlborough.
We are now working on developing the 'all-through' practice that is such a such strength of the Excalibur Trust, whilst retaining the individuality and unique character of ourselves as a small, caring village school.
For further information about Excalibur and St John's, please access the following websites:
Excalibur:     http://excalibur.org.uk
St John's:     http://www.stjohns.wilts.sch.uk
Information about how our Excalibur status affects our pupil admissions to St John's can be found in the admision documents, available on the Excalibur website.
What is MAEP?
This is short for Marlborough Area Education Partnership. It started in 2011-12 when a group of schools in the Marlborough Area decided to publically join together in a partnership. As a group of schools, we have committed ourselves to developing all through learning for the children and the community we serve. In real terms this means teachers, pupils and the wider community from the infant, junior and secondary phases of education, regularly work together with a sole purpose of securing the highest standards of teaching and learning both across and between the phases of education.
Ogbourne was one of the original schools in MAEP, along with St John's, St Peter's Junior School, St Mary's Infant School, Easton Royal Primary School and Baydon Primary School. Since then we have been joined by Burbage Primary School, St Katharine's Primary School, Oare Primary School and Chilton Foliat Primary School.

The MAEP Vision

The Marlborough Area Education Partnership is a learning community which aims for excellence in all we do.

We recognise that individual schools are at the heart of their communities and by working together we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning across the partnership. We provide welcoming, stimulating learning environments in which everyone is valued as individuals and are supported and challenged to develop their full potential.

Within the strong family ethos, moral code and Christian values embedded in our schools, children and young people are taught to appreciate the world in which we live and respect others as well as themselves. They are encouraged to take pride in their work and become resilient, responsible and enthusiastic learners who are able to express themselves freely knowing they are a valued part of a wider community.

Within the partnership, we are committed to the development of an all-through curriculum that is innovative, creative and rich in culture. Our aim is for children and young people to have opportunities to experience new challenges in academic, extracurricular and social activities so they develop the skills for life, for participation in a global community and a love of learning for its own sake.


Marlborough Area Cluster

We are also part of the Marlborough Area Cluster which is a larger group of sixteen schools who meet together to achieve the following common aim:

The Marlborough Collaborative Partnership is a driving force committed to continuous improvement with aspirational outcomes for children in our schools. It preserves the distinctiveness of each school while embracing the strengths of shared services, expertise and support.

Our work involves a range of activities including cluster events for children (e.g. sports and music festivals) and joint training for school staff.