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Sports Grant

Our children are encouraged to lead happy, healthy lives. We do this by providing a wide range of energetic PE lessons as well as through clubs, competitions and health eduction. We promote healthy eating policies and encourage children to enjoy growing, preparing and eating healthy foods. To find out more details about the PE grant and how we use this money, please access the information below:

We hold an inclusion register. Through this we monitor the amount of aerobic, physical exercise that the children are getting so we can further encourage those children who are not so physically active. 100% of children engage in at least two hours of PE each week in school. All junior chidren are also encouraged to take part in regular physical activity outside the regular PE lessons,  either in the form of school or local clubs and sporting activities.

Our children also swim at Marlborough Leisure Centre. In their lessons, the children learn to swim using a range of strokes. They also learn water rescue skills. 87% of our current Y6cohort have achieved the National Curriculum expectations for swimming.



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